Methodology B08 (Psico1 – basement – room 040 – tel. 6905)

Assignment: Management Office DPG

Referee for teaching and research activity: Delegato Docente Commissione Laboratori

Technical referees: Sara Errigo, Elisa Gambaretto

In charge of safety procedures: Delegate Professor for Laboratories Commission

Geotec: 1200-01 040

The laboratory is equipped with advanced technology and tools used to conduct experiments and evaluate the effectiveness of various research methods. Researchers work to develop and improve existing methods and to develop new ones to answer specific research questions. They may study a wide range of topics, including statistics, data analysis, experimental design, and measurement. Their work often involves collaboration with researchers in other fields to ensure that the methods they develop are applicable and relevant to the research questions being studied.


  • 2 PCs Driving simulator