Action video games and neuromodulation of the posterior parietal cortex improve both attention and reading in adults with developmental dyslexia

Bertoni, S., Franceschini, S., Mancarella, M., Puccio, G., Ronconi, L., Marsicano, G., Gori, S., Campana, G., & Facoetti, A. (2024). Action video games and posterior parietal cortex neuromodulation enhance both attention and reading in adults with developmental dyslexia. Cerebral Cortex, 34(4). bhae152.

A new article was recently published in the prestigious journal "Cerebral Cortex" in which for the first time two different neuropsychological rehabilitation tools are combined to promote more efficient neuroplasticity in adults with developmental dyslexia: a behavioral treatment based on the use of video games of action and a transcranial electrical neuromodulation technique called “random noise stimulation”. Only this group showed improvements in temporal attention, word text reading, pseudo-word decoding, and amplitude changes in the P300 amplitude brain potential. Improved temporal attention performance was related to efficiency in improving pseudoword decoding. Our results demonstrate that combining action video game training with parietal neuromodulation increases the efficiency of visual attention deployment, likely by reshaping the interaction of goal-driven and stimulus-driven fronto-parietal attentional networks in young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders.