Elisa Cainelli


My interest in the study of the developing brain and how the basis for efficient cognitive functioning throughout the life cycle is laid in these early stages, dates back to my Ph.D. in Psychological Science. My research has focused on the neurobiological basis of emerging cognitive functions, both under typical developmental conditions and in the presence of neurological pathologies, and on the early identification of neurodevelopmental risk markers. To this end, I collaborated for many years with some pediatric neurological and neurophysiological units, which allowed me to enrich my knowledge in neuropsychology, neurology, neurochemistry, and neurophysiology (in particular in the use of electroencephalogram, evoked potentials, and electrocardiogram). These experiences have given me the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams and to create a close-knit network of different health professionals. This has allowed me to coordinate, for the last two years, a project funded within the STARS program on the role of maternal physiology in child brain development.

I have always combined research activity with clinical activity, having worked as a developmental neuropsychologist at the Children's Hospital and currently at the University Centre for Clinical University Psychological Services of Padova and having coordinated the Neuropsychology Study Group, from 2016 to 2020, for the Italian Society of Paediatric Neurology. In 2019, I also completed my specialization in cognitive-behavioral-oriented psychotherapy.

In my personal life, I am a mother of two little girls, Luna and Viola. After their birth, I moved to the countryside to bring them up in nature and surrounded by the many animals we welcomed. Painting, a passion that has accompanied me since childhood, fills the few free moments I have left!