Recharging with BIO.POD

Virtual reality experimentation
Francesca Pazzaglia and Giuliana Salmaso

The BIO.POD is a calm and welcoming multi-sensory space designed by Giuliana Salmaso and Leonardo Tizi to offer users restorative breaks.
The hypothesis guiding the design is that a few minutes rest in it can bring measurable benefits on a physioiogical, cognitive and emotional level.
The project grows from the desire to help people to "feel good". It offers architectural form to the theories of biophilia (Wilson, 1984) and environmental restoration (Kaplan,1995, Ulrich, 1983), from which it is possible to draw insights on which characteristics of the built environment facilitate relief from stress and mental fatigue. The BIO.POD looks like a wooden shell.
Its biomorphic shape, inspired by the shape of some mollusc shell, is associated with the perception of shelter and protection.
The access through a gentle ramp emphasizes the sense of mystery and detachment from the surrounding environment. Inside, one lives a restorative immersive experienoe stimulating sight, hearing, touch and smell.

The BIO.POD can be placed in commerciai, residential and work environments.
Particularly in the workplace, where stress is high, the positive value of micro-restorative experiences is widely recognized by environmental
psychology's research. A break in the BIO.POD improves the quality of life inside and outside the office.