Behavioural and Neural Signatures of Visual Body (mis)perception

Room 2A - Building PSICO2


Visual representation of the body is a key aspect of self-body image. Its importance in our social life is proved by the unreasonable time and effort we put on taking care of our physical appearance, including use of plastic surgery, as well as by the severe mental disorders linked to its disturbance, such as Eating Disorders.
Functional or structural alterations of temporo-parietal nodes in the brain may contribute to the development of disturbances in perceptual and affective components of body representation in clinical conditions. In this talk, I will
present a series of studies to demonstrate the necessity of the functional integrity of key brain areas to self and other' body perception. Clinical implications and future directions are also discussed.

Valentina Cazzato Valentina is a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience and Leader of the Body Image Lab at Liverpool John Moores University (UK).