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Vision impairment and recovery after brain damage

DPG1 classroom - Department of General Psychology - via Venezia 8 Padova


Dr. Giulio Contemori and dr. Mario Bonato

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Cognitive symptoms in Parkinson disease

3.12.2018The next meeting of the Journal Club - Progress Report 2018-19 of the DPG will take place on Monday 03-12-2018 at 11:30 am, DPG1 classroom.Dr. Roberta Biundo will give a talk entitled: "Cognitive symptoms in Parkinson disease ".The presentation will be in English.Click on the link below to

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The role of continuous visual cues in numerosity perception: an empirical and computational investigation


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Brain-hack in Padova: The Evolution of the Mind and the Brain

Room: 2E, 3L, 3G | Psychology Building 2, Via Venezia 12, Padova

Dal 05.12.2018 al 08.12.2018

  Sorry the event is sold out!Brain-hack aims at promoting the interaction between scientists, developers, and artists interested in the brain. Questions can evolve around the investigation of brain anatomy and function based on non-invasive imaging methods (e.g. MRI, nTMS) and intraoperative brain

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Impulse Control Disorder in Parkinson’s Disease: A Meta-Analysis of Cognitive, Affective, and Motivational Correlates


Room DPG1 Building Psicologia1

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