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Federica Nenna

 My research focuses on analyzing psychological, behavioral, and cognitive aspects of human operators while using new technologies applied to the work and industry sectors. I am particularly interested in exploring relationships and possible interactions between physical and virtual worlds, through

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The Current and Retrospective Cognitive Reserve (2CR) Survey and its relationship with cognitive and mood measures

The study, recently published by the European Journal of Ageing, developed a new survey for the assessment of cognitive reserve in adults and older age: the Current and Retrospective Cognitive Reserve (2CR) survey.The 2CR assesses classical proxies of cognitive reserve (socio-economic status,

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Alexithymia modulates the attitudes towards odors but not the olfactory abilities or the affective reactions to odors

by Cinzia Cecchetto, Elisa Dal Bò, Marilena Aiello, Florian Ph.S Fischmeister, Claudio Gentili, Sofia Adelaide OsimoA new study, published in PLOS ONE journal, investigated the different aspects of olfactory perception in individuals with alexithymia. The study is the result of a collaboration of

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Call for Expression of Interests from scholars with academic positions in Psychology or related disciplines in a foreign country for faculty positions at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padova (Italy)

Dal 26.05.2023 al 11.06.2023

The Department of General Psychology at University of Padova in Italy is inviting expressions of interest for faculty positions. Scholars with tenure or tenure-track academic positions in Psychology or related disciplines in a foreign country and a research and teaching profile that fits the

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Laura Miola

 I am a psychologist with a degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, a master’s degree in Psychology of Ageing and a PhD in Psychological Sciences from theUniversity of Padua.My main research interests lie in the fields of spatial cognition and environmental psychology, areas of

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