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Heiko Hecht

Dal 21.11.2022 al 25.11.2022

hecht@uni-mainz.deChair of Experimental Psychology  Institut of Psychology, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (DE)   Research interests: Visual Perception   

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Alexis Makin

Dal 07.11.2022 al 08.11.2022 of Psychology  Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool (UK)   Research interests: Cognitive Psychology  

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George Mather

Dal 24.10.2022 al 05.12.2022 Professor  University of Lincoln, UK  Research interests: Visual Perception   Project: Shaping a World-class University

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Samuel Greiff

Dal 28.11.2022 al 02.12.2022 Full Professor of Psychology & Educational Assessment  Département Sciences comportementales et cognitives -  Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)   Research interests: Educational Psychology, Assessment, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Methodology.    Project

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Umberto Granziol

 Since I was a student, I have always been interested in psychological measurement. All my research interests, indeed, are linked to psychometrics from several points of view. Some of them strictly focus on the metrics in psychology: the development and the implementation of innovative methods for

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