Enrico Sella


I am a psychologist trained in psychology of aging, and I obtained a PhD in Psychological Sciences from the University of Padova.
My studies focus on metacognitive processes associated with sleep and quality of life in aging, and how these aspects can be implemented in applied practice to design and develop psychoeducational activities and metacognitive training aimed at improving autonomy and well-being in adulthood and older age. My main research interests include the study of metacognitive processes, such as metacognitive knowledge and abilities to monitor and regulate one's own cognitive functioning, individual differences in sleep (especially investigating the relationship between metacognitive activity and age-related changes in sleep quality), and quality of life in aging, and individual and age-related differences between young and older adults. In my research, I apply methods of systematic review and meta-analysis to synthesize the methodological quality and certainty of evidence in the aging research field. Recently, I have also become interested in investigating the effects of exposure to nature on the psychological and psychophysiological well-being of older people with typical and pathological aging, and exploring how nature can support the development of new solutions to improve the health and well-being of older adults. I collaborate with other research groups in Padova and share my ideas with the "Memory and Learning Lab" research group. I am also a member of the team of the Psychology of Aging and Longevity Laboratory of the SCUP (Centro Ateneo dei Servizi Clinici Universitari Psicologici) which represents a valuable clinical experience in the aging field. How do I spend my free time? It is a difficult question for any researcher. Perhaps it is easier to talk about my passions (in no particular order): I am a cinema enthusiast (I probably know every shot of David Lynch's movies), a book reader (Antonio Tabucchi's books are among my favorites), a lover of running, and a football supporter.