Requesting access to laboratories

In order to access the Scientific Laboratories you must own an istitutional account with SSO ( or and follow these steps:
- Complete both the General Trainig and the Specific Training High Risk (D.Lgs 81/08 art. 2 lett. a - formazione obbligatoria per lavoratrici e lavoratori e soggetti equiparati), download the certification documents and make a note of the identification codes provided.
- Visit the website "Richieste DPG", click on the top-right menu and select “International Students”. You will be requested to insert both identification codes. 
- Fill the form to request access to a specific laboratory
- Once the request is approved from 'Commissione Laboratori', the 'Scheda di Rischio' will be automatically send to 'Servizio di Medicina Preventiva'.
- Email to have your the badge activated and your account allowed to online book you laboratories.

For visitors/guests who cannot obtain an SSO, the host structure or teacher must request the creation of an access account to the email address, specifying the reasons for the access request.

For any further request please email:

Thank you.