HTLab ergonomics A01 (Psico1 - basement - room 025 - tel. 6517)

Assignment: Luciano Gamberini

Referee for teaching and research activity: Luciano Gamberini

Technical referees: Massimiliano Martinelli, Andrei Senyuva, Sara Errigo, Diego Varotto

In charge of safety procedures: Luciano Gamberini

Geotec: 1200-01 025

The laboratory is fully equipped with the most recent devices for virtual, augmented and mixed reality: Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE), Head-mounted displays (HMD) and VR devices for full-body tracking, mixed reality smartglasses, HoloLens, motion sensing input devices and physiological measurement instruments.


  • 4 PCS 3 projectors
  • 1 47-inch TV screen
  • 4 webcams
  • 1 wide-angle camera Playstation VR system PS4 Pro
  • 1TB Kinect Noldus software