EGI GES 300 high-resolution electroencephalography laboratory - Interdepartmental (Psico1 - second floor - room 041)

Assignment: Management Office DPG

Referee for teaching and research activity: Giovanni Mento

Technical referees: Jacopo Torre, Sara Errigo, Luca Semenzato

In charge of safety procedures: Giovanni Mento

Geotec: 1200-01 052

The high-density EEG laboratory (hdEEG Geodesic) is dedicated to the recording of central electrophysiological indices through a system based on a high-impedance amplifier and high-density nets (Hydro-cell Geodesic Sensor Nets with 128 electrodes). Given its versatility (ease and speed of net application, minimal invasiveness and possibility of high-impedance recording) the hdEEG geodesic laboratory is primarily, but not exclusively, dedicated to neurodevelopmental research. Furthermore, the high spatial resolution and the consequent possibility of applying neural source localization algorithms offers the possibility to investigate the spatio-temporal dynamics of neural activity, including the study of intra and inter-network functional connectivity.



  • 1 PC with E-Prime
  • 1 Apple with Geodesic analysis
  • EGI GES 300 machine
  • Simion Tobii Eye Tracker T60 and laptop with E-Prime