TMS Pulse E01 (Psico1 - basement - room 091 - tel. 6922)

Assignment: Management Office DPG

Referee for teaching and research activity: Umberto Castiello

Technical referees: Stefano Massaccesi, Sara Errigo

In charge of safety procedures: Umberto Castiello

Geotec: 1200-01 091

Investigation of neural and cognitive processes of motor control (intention, action, synchronization), through transcranial stimulation techniques.


  • 1 PC with Eprime (USB stick licence)
  • 1 PC with BrainAmp setup BrainVision (1 Professional BrainAmp ExG amplifier with power bank and power supply, 1 Aux Box 2 channels, 8 pairs of bipolar monitoring channels, Ag/AgCl electrodes, 1 usb, 2 adapters)
  • 1 PC with SofTaxic Optic for neuronavigation connected to Polaris Vicra position sensor
  • 2 Magstim BiStim2 TMSs